balco gold

BALCOGOLD – Waterproofing and construction chemicals for new / old concrete and plaster works is manufactured by M/s XMSCI Chemicals,Nediyapalai,S.India, a Company well known for its high standards of quality and service. The Company products are manufactured by using latest technology and selective high quality raw materials under strict quality control. The R & D Division is introducing New and Innovative products which has made BALCOGOLD – the best material in the market. The company gives technical service at site for best application of its products. For over many years BALCOGOLD has been the world leader in Tile Adhesives, Waterproofing and Construction Chemicals. BALCOGOLD is a joint venture between Xeon Group of Companies, Xeon Group is a diverse group with business in Construction Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, IT Plantations and Real Estates. BALCOGOLD provides World Class Tile Adhesives, Grouts, Waterproofing Chemicals and Industrial Grouts etc. It works with Architects, Developers, Contractors, Masons and through the Dealers network. BALCOGOLD Provides service and support in the Construction Industry.


  • To Meet Customer expectations in terms of service , support and delivery.
  • To Provide quality products.
  • To Maintain a good relation within the company and customers.
  • To Continuously provide new product range and service.

    BALCOGOLD carefully formulated high standards and highest quality raw materials from 100% imported reputed Suppliers